Maybe many customers don’t have a good idea that how to arrange the inside teeth whitening kiosk layout, but pls no worries, from this kiosk, hope you can have a better idea for it. The size for this teeth whitening kiosk is about 3000*2500mm, our designers suggest to make 2 service stations in it, and in front of the service area is cashier counter, so the whole kiosk can be more comfortable, yes?

Of course if you have some ideas in your mind, just feet free to let me know, we can discuss together and then make one best mall teeth whitening kiosk for your business, how do you think?

1. Picture for your better reading.

teeth whitening kiosk teeth whitening kioskteeth whitening kiosk


2. Basic information about mall teeth whitening kiosk.

Item name:
Teeth whitening kiosk used for mall
Style: Fashionable but practical
Manily design in white and blue color
Glossy baking paint
Stainless steel
Make the kiosk as your request
Shopping mall, retail store, salon shop
Delivery time:
18-25 working days after the kiosk details confirmed
Payment terms:
TT, West Union


3.  The teeth whitening kiosk will be customized for you.

For size, we will make it to meet your real place size.

For style, if you have some favorite style, just seed me and we will make one similar for you. If not, just need to tell us your ideas, we will design one unique kiosk for you.

For color, as far as you like, we can make out for you.


4. Need more information?

This is Dora, need more information about teeth whitening kiosk, contact me as follows,

Skype: uniquekiosk1212

QQ: 2971627577


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