Square perfume kiosk, perfume kiosk design for sale

If you would like your perfume kiosk to be in a close style, the following one will be your good choice. Kiosk size is 4m by 3m, cashier counter is in the middle of perfume kiosk, outside cashier counter is around with cabinet and display showcase, how do you like it?

perfume kiosk

1. Detailed description about perfume kiosk:

Item name:
Square perfume kiosk, perfume kiosk design for sale
Style: Modern
Manily design in white and red color
Glossy baking paint
Stainless steel
Make the nail kiosk as your request
Shopping mall, retail store, perfume kiosk
Delivery time:
18-25 working days after the kiosk details confirmed
Payment terms:
TT, West Union

2. How to buy one perfume kiosk

  • first, tell us your ideas or request for the kiosk, where will the kiosk will use, how big shall we make for you, which style display do you like?
  • second, I will discuss with our designer and help to give some reasonable suggestions.
  • third, if the ideas or solutions are ok for you, then we will make a new kiosk design to meet your personal needs.

If you don’t have any ideas for custom made perfume kiosk, it doesn’t matter, just choose one kiosk model and then talk to our sales, then our designer will help to design one new unique kiosk for you.


3. Our uks will design one new perfume kiosk for you

step 1:  tell us your specific detailed requirements.
step 2: when the design fee confirmed ($200-$500), 3-5 working days create the 3D Max.
step 3: offer 3 times to modify for free charge.
step 4: when order confirmed, we refund the design fee to customers.


4. Production pictures and successful cases for your reference

sch03 shch02 shch04 perfume-kiosk perfume-store

If need further information for perfume kiosk or would like to know more perfume kiosk models, feel free to contact us,


Email: sales03@uniquekiosk

Whatsapp: 0086 136 3227 7399

Skype: uniquekiosk1212

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