Perfume shop furniture and interior design for sale


This is the front elevation for perfume shop furniture, we design it base on the floor plan you sent. This shop is in a rectangle shape, so we put your company brand inside of your shop, it is very easy for customers to see it after they enter in. There are glass vitrine in the two sides, also cabinet under the glass vitrine for you to storage products, how do you like it?


For perfume shop wall decoration, we have wall cabinet with spot light for you, also will put your company brand and some image with backlit on, so the whole perfume shop furniture can look very gorgeous, if you have ideas or request for the wall decoration, feel free to share with us, we will try our best helo to make it to meet your real needs.


Here comes the reception area and cashier counter, we have a wider space in the entrance area, that is why our designer suggest to put the cashier counter and reception sofa here. Besides, reception area is an important part for a perfume shop furniture, after customer choose their favorite products, may would like to have a rest if needed, yes?

shch02 shch03

We are directly factory, mainly making customized shop furniture and kiosks, if already have ideas for perfume shop furniture and interior design, feel free to share with us, we will design and make one new shop furniture to meet your real needs, thanks.



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