Natural skin care display, skin care shop furniture, skin care shop interior design for sale

Believe this is one of the most natural skin care display for you, designed in original wood and wood color, worktop covered with grey color corian, to make the whole skin care display match to natural theme, how so you like it?


1. Basic information for natural skin care display

  • Size: 5000*3000*1800mm
  • Color: original wood color
  • Material: solid wood, man made stone
  • Finish: paint
  • Product display: glass vitrine
  • Door: hinged door
  • working counter: tempered glass
  • water sink: ceramic sink

2. Our uks will provide customized display for you

For size, we don’t have a standard for it, usually it depends on your mall request and your place size, so just tell us the size you need, then our desginer will arrange a reasonable inside skin care display layout for you, of course if you already have ideas for the display layout, just let me know freely

For color, usually for cosmetics and skin care shop furniture we would like to suggest to use white and black color, and this one, if need to natural theme, we would like to suggest to use wood color.

For style, it is better if you can send us your favorite model, so we can have a better idea for what you are looking for, and then our designer will make one new design to meet your real needs, or just tell us your ideas, we will help to turn them into real skin care display cosmetics kiosk for you.

3. How to custom made one skin care display?

first, tell us your ideas or request for the kiosk, where will the kiosk will use, how big shall we make for you, which style kiosk do you like?

second, I will discuss with our designer and help to give some reasonable suggestions.

third, if the ideas or solutions are ok for you, then we will make a new kiosk design to meet your personal needs.

If you don’t have any ideas for custom made eyebrow kiosk, it doesn’t matter, just choose one kiosk model and then talk to our sales, then our designer will help to design one new unique kiosk for you.

4. More pictures about skin care display for you

skin-care-display-01 skin-care-display-02 skin-care-display-05 skin-care-display-06

5. How can I order one display?

Dear customer, followings are some steps for your reference, hope it can make help for you:

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the wink brow bar eyebrow threading kiosk.

2- Our design team create and revise the design according to your personal requests.

3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.

4-50% as the production deposit should be sent.

5- We build the cosmetics wall display according to the approved design.

6- Quality inspection.

7- We make package.

8- You arrange the balance.

9- Arrange shipping for you.

10- We provide technique guide service for you.


This is Dora from hikiosks, we are factory, salon and perfume kiosk is our strength, if you would like to share kiosks or know further information for cosmetics display showcase skin care display, feel free to contact me.



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