Nail shop furniture and nail shop interior design for sale

As you can check the following pictures, this is a nail shop furniture we made before, one of our customers in UK, he made one nail shop furniture and one similar mall nail kiosk from us. Here is the shop address, 139 A Newgate Street, DL147 EN BISHOP AUCKLAND, if you have time and you are closed to this shop, just go to the shop and check our nail shop furniture there.

Main business is in the middle of the shop, it includes nail beauty area, nail dry area, cashier area and waiting area, also you can find we have glass vitrine and water sink inside the shop furniture. Our designer make the most advantage of two big glass window, customers can see the inside shop furniture and decoration from outside very easily, combine English and Chinese style, the shole shop is very attractive and unique, yes?


nail-salon-design-02 nail-salon-design-01


1. Description for nail shop furniuture.

Main material: MDF, man made stone, tempered glass

Size: nail service area furniture is at the size of 8m by 3m, also we can customize inside shop design base on your personal floor plan

Color: keep the original man made stone color, combine with pink color

Working counter: covered with tempered glass, to protect your furniture

Shop decoration: if needed, we will provide for you, so after you got them, fix them in your shop


2. If you also would like to design one nice and unique nail shop furniture, here are the steps for your reference:

talk to our sales, send us your shop floor plan, tell us your ideas or request, send design deposit, make a nice shop design for you.


3. Real production pictures.

09 08


4. Feedback from our customers.

shop-4 shop-1 shop-2 shop-3


If you would like to know more information about our nail shop furniture and nail shop interior design, feel free to contact us.



Skype: uniquekiosk1212

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