For the hair kiosk you are looking for, the size is 4*3m, with 3 service stations and a waiting area in it. The whole kiosk layout is reasonable, customers can have a rest or have a look for the products you are displaying on shelevs, also will have a spare mirror if needed.

If your place size if enough, we can have a coffee bar in the kiosk, so customers can also enjoy their coffee when in your kiosk, how do you think? Any ideas for the kiosk design is warmly welcome and appreciated, just feel free to tell us, thank you.

1. More detailed hair kiosk picture for your better reading.

hair kiosk hair kiosk hair kiosk

2. Basic description for you.

Item name:
Hair kiosk | hair kiosk design for sale
Style: Fashionable but practical
Manily design in black color
Glossy baking paint
Stainless steel
Make the kiosk as your request
Shopping mall, retail store, salon shop
Delivery time:
18-25 working days after the kiosk details confirmed
Payment terms:
TT, West Union


3. The hair kiosk will be customized for you.

For size, we are customized kiosk factory, will make one to meet your real effective space.

For style, if you have some favorite pictures, pls send us and we will make one similar for you. If not, we have a professional design team, will design one unique hair kiosk for you.

For color, as far as your like, we can make out for you.



4. Need more kiosk information?

Skype: uniquekiosk1212

QQ: 2971627577


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