Manicure kiosk with coffee bar design for sale

Maybe you have thought about a manicure kiosk can have a comfortable area for customers to relax and enjoy, yes, we can help to turn your idea into real kiosk design and production for you. Today I am going to introduce one manicure kiosk with coffee bar design to you, we made it in the passed weeks.

Size for this kiosk is about 5m by 4m, will have eyebrow threading station, pedicure station, manicure station and coffee area inside, pls check the following manicure kiosk with coffee bar design,



  • Eyebrow station is arranged at the kiosk corner, that can help to protect privacy if needed.
  • Pedicure station is in front of eyebrow station, that can help to save some space in the limited kiosk size.
  • Manicure station is put in the middle of the whole kiosk, this is open to all customers, and the kiosk layout can look comfortable, yes?
  • While coffee area we will need one food preparation area and bar counter, that is why we arrange it at the kiosk left side, so, how do you like this kiosk?


Pls check the detailed pictures, so you can have a better idea for our manicure kiosk with coffee bar design.

sj02 sji05

Check our real production pictures, thanks.


If need future information or you have better ideas for manicure kiosk with coffee bar design, feel free to contact us, thank you!



Skype: uniquekiosk1212

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