Luxury hair dressing salon furniture and retail salon shop interior design for sale

Every square foot of your luxury hair dressing salon shop holds value. We will maximize the function and profitability of your investment. Proper space planning is the structure and template for great salon design. It is essential that your entire salon be planned, designed and dialed in for maximum efficiency and beauty. Of course if need some more information, feel free to contact us!

1. Detailed luxury hair dressing salon furniture design:   

2. Basic information for luxury hair dressing salon furniture:

  • size: 8m by 6m
  • color: white and black
  • material: MDF
  • surface: baking paint
  • lighting: spot light, led light
  • water sink: ceramic sink

3. Certificate:

Environmental level: E1

Fire Level: B1

Wires for different countries different authentication name.

Australia: SAA,  America: UL,  Canada: CSA,   Europe: CE


4. Assemble

• The assembly steps are scientifically optimized

• Install Instruction  are provided

• Spare parts are standardized and modularized

• Due to above conditions, the system can be easy installed, uninstalled, cleaned and displaced

Step 1:  Clear luxury hair dressing salon furniture
Step 2:  EPE Foam inner packed , all around the kiosk
Step 3:  Bubble foam each side protected
Step 4:  10mm MDF with 18mm plywood frame cartons
Step 5:  Put the marks on wooden carton
Step 6:  All steps are designed for safe protection and long distance transportation
Step 7:  We will order shipment insurace for all order, the insurace is free


If need further information for our luxury hair dressing salon furniture, feel free to contact us, thank you.


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