Luminous cosmetics kiosk, cosmetics shop furniture for sale

This style cosmetics kiosk is designed with luminous light and light box, to make it as much as attractive in shopping mall. Round kiosk angle can help to protect customers from damage and make your cosmetics kiosk to be more nice, how do you think?

cosmetics-kiosk-01 cosmetics-kiosk-02

1. Main description

  • Size: 3000*2000*1500mm
  • Color: White and purple
  • Main material: MDF, tempered glass
  • Body finished: Glossy baking paint
  • Kiosk skirting: Stainless steel
  • Door: Hinged door

2. Our uks will provide customized cosmetics kiosk

For size, we don’t have a standard for it, usually it depends on your mall request and your place size, so just tell us the size you need, then our desginer will arrange a reasonable cosmetics kiosk layout for you, of course if you already have ideas for the display layout, just let me know freely

For color, usually for cosmetics furniture we would like to suggest to use white and black color, of course it is ok if you have your favorite color for the display, we will help to make it.

For style, it is better if you can send us your favorite model, so we can have a better idea for what you are looking for, and then our designer will make one new design to meet your real needs, or just tell us your ideas, we will help to turn them into real cosmetics kiosk for you.


3. How to buy one cosmetics kiosk from us

  • first, tell us your ideas or request for the display, where will the kiosk will use, how big shall we make for you, which style display do you like?
  • second, I will discuss with our designer and help to give some reasonable suggestions.
  • third, if the ideas or solutions are ok for you, then we will make a new kiosk design to meet your personal needs.

If you don’t have any ideas for custom made cosmetics kiosk, it doesn’t matter, just choose one model and then talk to our sales, then our designer will help to design one new unique display for you.


4. You may have some questions for our cosmetics kiosk

How to assemble the cosmetics kiosk?

The cosmetics kiosk will be separated into several parts, and each parts will be paked individually, when making packing, we will mark 1.2.3… on the wooden carton, so after you got the kiosk, just need to put them together in order and then connect electricity, then the wholecosmetics kiosk can work.

Will you provide assemble guide?

If you still have no ideas for the above solutions, then we will help to make a cosmetics kiosk assemble guide for you, attached with some real production pictures, or we can take video if needed, so pls no worries for it.

How do I make the payment?

For the payment terms, usually we have two ways. One is by T/T, and another is by Western Union. So it is up to you to choose the more convenient one. Also we can go ahead the order on alibaba, so you can pay via alibaba. Anyway, it is up to you.

How about the delivery time?

We are directly factory, usually it needs about 18-22 working days to build up the cosmetics kiosk, as for shipping time, will depend on which port you are. So if you are going to run a cosmetics business, pls leave about 40 days for it, thanks.


Still have some more questions or need futher information for the cosmetics kiosk, feel free to contact us!



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