Hair beauty booth and hair salon kiosk for USA trade show

Today I am going to introduce a nice hair beauty booth and hair salon kiosk to you, we made it for trade show in LongBeach, USA.

The whole size for the hair beauty booth is 20ft by 20ft, it is in an island situation, so customers can see our booth from every side, pls check the following pictures and I will introduce part by part, thank you.


First is the hair beauty booth image wall, since our booth size is 20ft for the length and consider the wood panel size, so our designer separated this part into 5 pieces, for one piece is 4ft, which is a good size for you to move it. The left and right piece will installed with glass shelves, so you can display relevant hair products there. In the middle of the image wall, we will have 3 big light box with backlit on it, so show your company brand to customers. This is the design picture for you to check, when making production, we will put your artwork on the image wall as you like. Besides, there are spot light on the whole top of the image, to make the whole booth more nice and attractive, yes?


Here comes the booth middle part, because it is a take away show, so in front of the image wall, you will find there is a cashier counter there, cashier counter also have your company name and luminous led strip on it. Then comes a “S” shape display table in the middle of the hair beauty booth, you can display and storage products here.


Then let me introduce hair demo stations to you, actually the 4 stations are the same, but the direction is different. For each demo station, we will have mirror with luminous led light and backlit logo on it, also have glass vitrine to display products. Outside the demo stations, our designer take the most advantage of it, we put on your company image and brand, how do you like it?



If any questions for the hair beauty booth, or would like to know more informaton, feel free to contact us, thank you.



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