Customized eyebrow threading kiosk and manicure table for sale

Do you want to custom made one nice kiosk with both eyebrow threading service and manicure service, just choose our company, we can help to turn your ideas into real kiosk, ensure it meets your real needs.

We are leader in customized kiosks market, with professional design team and experienced workmanship, we provide various kiosks for customer all over the world. Just check our website, hope it can help to bring you some nice ideas for customized eyebrow threading kiosk and manicure table, thank you.

  • Size: 10ft by 12ft
  • Color: white and pink
  • Material: MDF
  • Finish: glossy baking paint
  • Product display: glass vitrine
  • Door: hinged door
  • working counter: tempered glass



As you can see from the above pictures, size for this customized eyebrow threading kiosk and manicure table is 10ft by 12ft, with 3 eyebrow threading service stations and 1 manicure table, one cashier counter and one nail display stand inside, it can meet your multifunctional use, is it correct?

ALSO, for each eyebrow threading service station, we will install beauty lamp around mirror, so after got the kiosk, you can use it directly.

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For customized eyebrow threading kiosk and manicure table outside area, we will put your brand name and your company logo on wall, also will have some beautiful images on kiosk wall, in order to make kiosk more eye- catching, we will use some lines as decoration, like the above pictures showed.

Sometimes, we also make your logo luminous, that needs us hide led strip lights at the back side. In a word, the whole kiosk is totally customized for you, if any ideas or request, feel free to share with us, thank you.


This is Dora from hikiosks, we are factory, if you would like to share kiosks or know further information for customized eyebrow threading kiosk and manicure table, feel free to contact me.



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