Custom nail polish display rack, nail polish display stand and cosmetics shop furniture for sale


Environmental level: E1

Fire Level: B1

Wires for different countries different authentication name.

Australia: SAA,  America: UL,  Canada: CSA,   Europe: CE


  • Size: 6000*3000*2400mm
  • Color: white and yellow
  • Material: MDF
  • Finish: glossy baking paint
  • Product display: glass vitrine
  • Door: hinged door
  • working counter: tempered glass

Just check the custom nail polish display rack and cosmetics shop furniture picture, for back side wall mount display stand, it is against to shop wall, that is why we make it in 2400mm height, also on the top will have your brand name.

For this area, we can display gel products, cosmetics products, etc, to bring more customers to our shop, you may find there are some luminous light box, that is for advertisement and decoration.


How to custom made one nail polish display rack?

first, tell us your ideas or request for display, where will the display will use, how big shall we make for you, which style display do you like?

second, I will discuss with our designer and help to give some reasonable suggestions.

third, if the ideas or solutions are ok for you, then we will make a new nail polish display design to meet your personal needs.

If you don’t have any ideas for nail polish display rack, it doesn’t matter, just choose one kiosk model and then talk to our sales, then our designer will help to design one new unique display for you.



Just check our real production pictures for custom nail polish display rack, we are directly factory, will make one satisfied nail polish display to meet your real needs, the advantage of ours:

1). Fashionable appearance can attract potential customers’ attention.
2). Stainless steel material is of superior quality.
3). Modern accessories are installed in the nail polish display rack.
4). It is convenient to move and easy to assemble.
5). A variety of colors are available.
6). Our designers are able to modify it according to your specific requirements in the nail polish display rack.
7). Small order is acceptable to us and discount exists if you order more.


If any questions about our products, or would like to know further information about nail polish display rack, feel free to contact us,



Whatsapp: 0086 136 3227 7399

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