LAKA, the famous nail polish brand, has many many fans all over the world, this is also why many customers would like their nail kiosk to be like LAKA style. As the best kiosk manufacturer in shenzhen, we are the mian supplier to provide LAKA nail kiosk. Like the following one, it is a classical style we have made before, with a 3-seat manicure service stations table in the middle and around 3 pedicures, also glass shelves and some decorations to make the whole kiosk more attractive and beautiful, yes?

1. Basic information about LAKA nail kiosk for you

Item name:
LAKA nail kiosk | nail kiosk design for sale
Style: Classical LAKA style
Manily design in white and pink color
Glossy baking paint
Stainless steel
Make the nail kiosk as your request
Shopping mall, retail store, salon shop
Delivery time:
18-25 working days after the kiosk details confirmed
Payment terms:
TT, West Union


2. If you want to have one LAKA nail kiosk, how to do?

a, you need to tell me the basic information, especially for the size.

b, some of your request or ideas for the nail kiosk.

c, make a 3d deisgn for you to confirm (after got your $300 design fee, this will be refund to your balance).

d, then make the production base on the design we have confirmed (50% deposit for production).

e, tell us your near port, we will ship the LAKA nail kiosk to you.


3. Pictures for your better reading

LAKA nail kiosk LAKA nail kiosk

This is Dora, need more information about this classical LAKA nail kiosk, contact me as follows,

Skype: uniquekiosk1212

QQ: 2971627577


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