UKS (Hikiosks) is a leading supplier and manufactuer of mall kiosks and carts, UKS has start exporting mall kiosk since 2004 , and now has more then 15 years experience in kiosk build , UKS Located in China , where has a great source to low cost labor and material , and China is also a country with good carpentry job, this make UKS work in a high quality and afforable price .


UKS  has been designing and manufacturing high quality (retail) shopping mall carts and kiosks for more than 30 years for clients in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. We specialize in (custom-made) modular mall  kiosks and stall that answer our clients’ specific design and manufacturing requirements.

We employ experienced and highly qualified personnel only for our growing company. Our highly-skilled labor force comprise designers, mill-workers and engineers. Our patent aluminum high grade extrusion system gives our (custom made) kiosks and carts the strength and durability you expect from a shopping center cart or kiosk. The (design) options that we can provide will open the door to a whole new world of shopping carts and kiosks!

Our patented job make  kiosks and carts a modern and opulent look and feel. Our custom-made kiosks and carts allow for adding more display cases to display a larger product line when need be. Our mall kiosk system lets our clients add additional attachments, such as mirrors, shelves, lighting fixtures, mannequins, poster frames etc. Also, it allows for flexibility when you need to change the look of your retail mall carts or kiosks. The surface  our our mall kiosks is available in various colors: your company’s color scheme can be repeated in your kiosks or carts’ frames. We use a wide array of materials, and we guarantee that the kiosks or carts we build for you will more than meet your expectations with regard to style, functionality, practicality, strength and durability.

UKS is concentrate on all kinds of mall kiosks and carts, this Hikiosks is just one of UKS website; Hikiosks is focus more on Eyebrow bar , Nail bar , Teeth whitening kiosk , cosmetic kiosk , make up station or purefume kiosk , UKS has striect product line , Hikiosk is only for  beauty salon kiosk and stands service,so you can easy find the right design you need .


When we build our retail mall merchandising kiosks and carts, customer satisfaction comes first. Retail mall carts and kiosks can be customized to your specific shape, size and color requirements. Our aluminum modular system is the best in the industry. We can build units from scratch based on your ideas. UKS uses cutting-edge software, which enables us to pre-build “virtual” carts and kiosks for your inspection and cost estimation. We then build your retail mall kiosks or carts to the rendered (and signed off) 3D model specifications.


Before we start building your mall kiosk or cart, you will see exactly what your kiosk or cart will look like before it arrives at your location. We are confident certain that you will be extremely happy with our  retail mall kiosks or carts.HI-Kiosks offers the best warranty available in the industry today. Each kiosk or cart has its own identification number, which carries a unique code distinguishing it as an authentic Carts & Kiosks product manufactured by UKS. Our kiosks and carts are built to last and answer our clients’ unique merchandizing requirements.


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