Say Thank You to my nail salon shop furniture client

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Say Thank You to my nail salon shop furniture client

Today an American customer came to talk with me, would like to make a salon shop furniture design. He sent me his hand drawings and asked if I could call him, as it was late at night in America, he hoped can finish it soon.


After checked his hand drawings, I called him up, discussing all his personal request and giving my reasonable suggestions on this shop furniture design. About one hour later, we finished. He said, “Dora, I am very shocked, you speak very good English, have you studied abroad? You understand things well, I like talking with you!”

I am very happy to hear this, and I know all these thanks to one of my nail salon shop furniture clients from Los Angles, America, he was my second client after I worked for mykioskey company. (To protect his private, here will not share his name). He didn’t like typing always, therefore we discussed all details by call. At first it was really a difficult thing for me to talk with him, I seldom spoke English before, as this was my first job after graduation.

He strictly requested his nail salon shop furniture, in order to make me understand all things well, he was very patient and spoke slowly, just like my father telling me story, that is why I called him Baby Daddy afterwards. With his help, I did make the nail salon shop furniture and beauty hair booth for his trade show. At the same time, I improved my oral English and became more and more confident in my work.

As a sign of gratitude, I prepared a traditional Chinese gift for him, hoped after he opened the nail salon shop furniture can feel surprised and happy. He was the most important person in my life, he gave me inspiration for my working competence and influenced my attitude towards oral English, keeping me moving.

What made me most happy was that he came back to me for second order, also a nail salon shop display used in a market. This was his sure for our nail salon shop furniture quality, also as well as my service. Now we are like friends, keep in touch sometime.

Everything time when clients praise me, it always reminds me of my Baby Daddy— nail salon shop furniture client, so today I write this article to say Thank You to him here. Thanks for his trust and support to our mykioskey, also for all our cooperated and future clients. Our mykioskey will do our best to serve each client, providing our unique design and best quality nail salon shop furniture and other products for clients!

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