UK standard salon shop furniture for your business

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UK standard salon shop furniture for your business

As a sales manager in customized mall kiosk and shop furniture area, I talk with different clients from different countries every day. Of course they have various problems and questions. Today I am gonna share UK standard electricity with you, hope customers from UK can believe our strength and quality. We ensure we will provide a satisfied and safe kiosk or shop furniture for you!

See following picture, this is called Socket Tester, the brand name and model is Schneider IMT23003, came from one our our UK customer when he checked salon shop furniture in our factory. Maybe most people from UK are very similar with this socket tester, as it can help to check if the wire can meet UK standard, also ensure it is safe.

There is guidance on the socket tester, also you can see the detailed users manual. When PE (ground conductor) and L (phase) lamp turn on, N (neutral) turn off, and there is no Symbol “!” on the LCD, that means the socket is ok and safe for use.

Before ship out the salon shop furniture, we will test each socket for you, also will send you video if needed. So if you are from UK, hope this article can help you to rest assure our salon shop furniture and eyebrow bar counter, thank you!

  • Dora Xue
  • 2018/06/27
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