Orange color face waxing bar counter for you

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Orange color face waxing bar counter for you

Nowadays, more and more people focus on their personal image very much, everyone wants to be more beautiful and elegant, especially for women and young people. So manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, hair dressing, etc are popular in the market. Today I am going to share face waxing and face waxing bar counter with you.

Face waxing services are an easy and efficient way to manage facial hair. Before face waxing or removal of unwanted hair from your face, you need to know the potential side effects and how your skin may be affected. Side effects are common and your skin is unique, therefore understanding how your skin may react is important. To avoid possible side effects that can happen from an inexperienced technician, it is recommended that you go to a professional esthetician.

Therefore, if you are a professional esthetician, you can enter one nice face waxing bar counter inside a shopping mall or a retail store. See following face waxing bar counter design, how do you like it?

Main material for this face wacing bar counter is MDF, surface finished by orange glossy baking paint. Size is 4m by 3m, with 3 service stations and waiting sofa inside, both customers and workers can enjoy a good time when doing face waxing service.

We are directly customized face waxing bar counter and shop furniture manufacturer, with the help of designer and whole team, we will make one unique and satisfied face waxing bar counter for you!


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