How to get an eyebrow threading bar?

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How to get an eyebrow threading bar?

Threading is a temporary hair removal technique used mostly on eyebrows, as well as the lips, cheeks, and chin. The name derives from the cotton threads that are twisted to pull the hair from the root. It is also known as “tying” or “khite” in Arabic and is an ancient Indian method that has become increasing popular in some cities. But how to get an eyebrow threading bar?

As the first customized salon shop furniture and kiosk manufacturer in shenzhen city, here are some suggestions I would like to share with you as follows,

  1. find a place that is good for your eyebrow threading business, usually it is inside a shopping mall
  2. decide your place size, better prepare a floor plan 
  3. talk with a professional eyebrow threading bar manufacturer
  4. make a specialized 3d design for your eyebrow threading bar
  5. submit 3d design to mall for approval
  6. prepare production and shipment


As now more and more people focus on their personal image, so to run an eyebrow threading bar inside a shopping mall or retail salon shop can be a good start for your own business way!


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  • 2018/06/12

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