Nail bar kiosk design in 6m by 3m

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Nail bar kiosk design in 6m by 3m

For sometime, maybe it is a little difficult for customer to enter a  nail bar kiosk inside shopping mall. As not all mall will give us detailed place size and directions, they just ask for a nail bar kiosk design to meet their real needs.

If you also at this similar station, no worries, our hikiosks company can help you to enter nail bar kiosk inside mall. Like most nail bar kiosk design, usually we will make it at the size of 6m by 3m, include nail service stations and pedicure stations.

Today I am gonna introduce a most elegant nail bar kiosk with you, see some design as follows,

  1. size: 6m by 3m
  2. material: E1 class MDF
  3. surface: high glossy baking paint
  4. sink: ceramic water sink
  5. LOGO: backlit logo
  6. decoration: gold color stainless steel edge
  7. toe kick: stainless steel

Also no worries, we mainly make customized nail bar kiosk, if any request for size and color, we will customize it to meet your real personal needs. We are directly kiosk manufacturer, always waiting here for you!

Posted on 7th, May, 2018

Dora / whatsapp: +86 136 3227 7399

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