We (uks)start working today .best wishes for 2016.

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After a longlong Holiday -the Chinese troditional spring festival , we back to work today , With full of passion , full of hope , full of dream ,UKS has start the totally new year -2016.

Welcome to visit us ,The galloping horse, Rui sheep in Tailai. The annual Spring Festival in the street after another sound of firecrackers, in blessing relatives and wistful and again in the past, in this farewell to the old and ushering in the new kiosk season, we have family reunion warmth, joy friend chat cheerfully, but as an adult, we may more to go to visit their relatives and friends, socializing tired, or urging parents marriage dating pressure, was asked friends and family income of embarrassment, is brought comparisons with fellow embarrassment.

Yes, a full of looking forward to the spring festival may did not let us imagine that kind of comfortable, this is the truth of life, when every one of us embark on a life the train, will not be able to really stop, perhaps we can short rest, but eventually to all the way forward, in the face of problems and difficulties. Only a positive attitude, strong oneself, strive to live more at ease, harvest All sufferings have their reward. sweet.
Past 201x, traditional industry group in the countries with economies in transition to upgrade, the slowdown in the background also experienced the second pioneering difficulties and twists and turns, but through the unremitting efforts of all my colleagues, we still achieve the steady growth in the total turnover, exercise the team of dedicated line, building the railway development platform and cultivated many talents, were also useful reform exploration, has laid a good foundation for the future development for food kiosks.

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The new year has started. We want to tidies up the mood, full of confidence, to enliven the spirit again into the work and career of the struggle. 201x, traditional industry group to full implementation of the profit model and performance model of reform and innovation, the company, department and individual performance and profitability is directly related to the, efforts to promote green division, Ministry of Commerce and trade career ministry of construction and development, develop new economic point of growth, turnover and profits and employees’ income synchronous growth. At the same time, we will continue to forge excellent team, optimize the organizational structure and management processes, improve the efficiency and quality of service, create value for customers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers. Only to realize the multi win of the company, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, our business can dedaoduozhu, thriving, flourishing.
Guys, the new year, let us deeply recognize and bowed to practice the company’s core values of “honesty, honor, responsibility, Thanksgiving charity, win-win sharing”, in the traditional industry group in this big family, hard work, happy life, to open the company’s development and personal life new chapter, to create a better tomorrow and struggle!

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